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College Students

Our Growth Track guides you in discovering your unique gifts, your redemptive purpose, and what part you play in God's incredible plan.  Class is held on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.  Breakfast is provided.  Class meets at Hope Resale which is located next to Westlake Fellowship.


The first step of Growth Track is "Catch-the-Vision."  In this class we share with you the vision of Westlake Fellowship.  You'll also learn details about what we believe, how we handle money, and our church governmental structure.  You'll also have an opportunity to become a member of Westlake Fellowship. Catch-the-Vision is held the 1st Sunday of every month at 9:30am-10:15am. 


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The second step of Growth Track is "Essentials."  In this class we cover the spiritual foundations for believers as well as four essential habits every follwer of Jesus needs.  Essentials is held the 2nd Sunday of every month at 9:30am-10:15am.  


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The third step of Growth Track is "DISCOVERY." In this class we'll help you identify how God uniquely created you.  You'll discover your gifts and how you can use those to fulfill God's purpose for your life.  Discovery is held the 3rd Sunday of every month at 9:30am - 10:15am  


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The fourth step of Growth Track is "DREAM TEAM." In this class you'll learn what it means to make a difference using your God-given gifts to serve others.  You'll learn about the many different opportunities to plug in and serve here at Westlake Fellowship.  Dream Team is held on the 4th Sunday of every month at 9:30am - 10:15am.   


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